How To Create a Last-Minute Christmas Shopping List

With so little time left until Christmas Eve, you still haven’t gotten round to finishing (or even starting) your Christmas shopping! The lack of planning on your part is probably causing a lot of stress, considering that everything halfway decent is now too expensively priced to fit your budget, and you aren’t left with any time to hunt down bargain deals.

However, not all is lost! You can still get through this ginormous task with just a bit of planning, and we tell you exactly how to make a last minute gift matter as well!


Get together a realistic list 

To begin with, make your list. The aim is to put together a list of people you need to shop for, so that you don’t accidentally miss out on someone important. Next start jotting down gift ideas in front of each name. This is not the time to dilly-dally; come up with no more than two options because you really don’t have the time to hunt around for more. It’s important to create a last-minute Christmas shopping list because it keeps you calm and focused while you look for the perfect present, and once you have the ‘ideas’ jotted down you can narrow down the kind of stores you need to visit as well to save time.


Keep it simple 

This is not the time to go elaborate. With little remaining until Christmas Eve, not only will you have to contend with low-stock of items, even these will cost you more than they ideally should have a month back. In fact, if you do possess any skills, its best to make use of them in the short amount of time you have and make personalized gifts. Not only will it delight the receiver that you put in so much thought and effort into their Christmas present, it will also help you save cash. Quick gift hampers with beautiful baskets and boxes decorated to hold homemade cookies, chocolates, cakes, teas, some music CDs or even spices put in to hand painted bottles make for a lovely gift.




Clubbing together 

Every year we have tons of ‘generic people’ on our list – new neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances you must please in order to maintain a good relationship, and even distant cousins who take serious offence when you don’t send them something for Christmas. For all such people on your list, pick the same simple generic gift. It could be anything – a box of candy in a beautiful packaging, a basket of freshly baked muffins, a simple gift hamper put together with items you find in your very own neighbourhood supermarket (for example chocolates, sauces, candies, biscotti and a few candles) or even something like a bed sheet set. The key is to choose something that makes for a good gift for all such people on your list, and be able to find them under a single roof so as to save your time. Not only will you maximize the efficiency of your shopping expedition by getting as many gifts as possible in one place, you might also be able to get a discount simply because you are buying bulk. Bonus: You’ll have more time to look for gifts for the special people in your life, like your spouse, kids or even parents.



Christmas gift cards 

Got a picky friend or family member who will always find faults with everyone’s gifts? Rather than spending a whole afternoon trying to find such a person the perfect gift (and still feel like you didn’t do enough when you see their reaction as they unwrap the gift), opt for a Christmas gift card from a store you know they like. These days most stores offer gift cards, and these are the most practical choice for someone who is particular. It’s thoughtful in its own way too, since they can easily buy something they want rather than go through the hassle of return and exchange like they do every single year!



Are you terrified of last minute Christmas shopping? Worried you wouldn’t be able to find any meaningful gifts so late? Think our simple tips will make it easier for you to get through your last minute shopping spree? Let us know how it goes!

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